Manpower is needed in every aspect of work and while it’s a core part of every business; human resource management can become a daunting task. Thus, we help companies focus on profit making activities while we source, hire, train and manage the manpower to drive the business activities; both technical and non-technical.

Specifically, our services include a range of activities including;

  • Recruitment
  • Interviewing
  • Training
  • Payroll management

Recruitment, the first step in the human resource management chain is a critical one. Majority of the issues faced in human resource management come from a recruitment error. This is why we are specially skilled in understanding roles and then hiring the best fit for the position.

Whether you are currently recruiting, looking for advice on industry recruitment trends or simply want to source information on expected salary rates, we can help!


The power of human resource is in the knowledge they possess. Knowledge is power, thus your staff must have the needed information to successfully carry out their assigned tasks and its your responsibility to provide them with the requisite knowledge.

We carry out on the job training for a plethora of skill sets either technical or non-technical. We make use of practical and theoretical training approaches best tailored for the audience and your training needs.

Payroll Management

A worker is deserving of his wages! However, we understand the process of tracking actual time spent working, matching it with actionable deliverables and ultimately paying the due benefit can be tasking.

You don't have to lose sweat over managing staff benefits at the end of the month. We are specially skilled in tracking staff work hours, determining requisite pay based on deliverable and then handling the accounting needed to actually make payment.

Manpower outsourcing has been embraced by some of the biggest companies around the world such as Amazon, Walmart etc.

By outsourcing your manpower to us, you can stay lean, flexible and focus on core business drivers!