Procurement outsourcing involves the transfer of specified key procurement activities relating to sourcing and supplier management to a third party to reduce overall costs or tighten the company's focus on its core competencies.

By outsourcing your procurement activities to us you benefit from our years in local & foreign procurement experience and expertise. Our value addition comes from our ability to collaborate with you in the acquisition of needed products and materials to meet your business needs. You save travel costs and time as our diverse vendor list provides an effective means to reach vendors outside the shores of the country.

Our services is perfect for you whether you currently don't have internal capacity for procurement management or you are looking to outsource a segment of it.

We perform the following functions in the course of our work;

  1. Sourcing – Based on your resource specification, we source for materials either by direct placement with trusted vendors or by preparing a Request for Quotations (RFQ) to get responses from a prospective supplier
  2. Negotiating – After identifying the right supplier of said resources, we negotiate through time defined techniques to ensure you get your desired resource at the price, quality and discount.
  3. Administration – Upon sourcing the resource at just the right price, we manage the administrative process including approving invoices, resource tracking, product tests/trials especially dealing with commodities.
  4. Audits – On arrival, based on our quality policy we check the resource to ensure it meets your expectation again. If the resource meets our expectation, we release it to you and if not we deal with the inconsistently. All within the agreed timelines.
  5. Supplier audit assessment and KPI measurement